Sai Srinivasa Pearls

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This is a commercial jewelry store and we have applied dark and light combination of veneer creating a perfect look. Here, buyers would make impulse decisions and thus we have created designs that would give them a better experience. We have installed white lighting system for customers’ convenience, as it would incorporate a soothing look. We first analyzed the buyer patterns and accordingly came up with all unique designs. We need to cover the beams in the ceiling and it was a challenging task. We maintained a maximum height of the ceiling and it got easily fitted in our design along with the split AC. And we have installed glass sale counter displaying small jewelry items that created a soothing ambiance for the customers.

Our expert designers and site engineers did a great work and we are proud to complete this exclusive project on time. We would be happy with work with them again. Also, we made some instant changes there to make our client satisfied and our design came up as a unique one.

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Located near Swarnalok Complex this is our another big project where we have achieved success.