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A residential project is where the designing for homes or say your houses comes into picture. Herein, the personal preferences of the concerned family members who are passionate about the design are taken into consideration.

Herein the emotions of the family members have to be captured, like the colors which they like and don’t like. Not only the design, but the precise decoration also comes into the process. Aesthetics coupled with the best functionality will go a long way in designing the interiors of your home.

We at TriShades will see to that all your needs are taken into consideration, after which the entire process of carrying out the design process is executed. We regularly take your inputs, because it’s something personal, and so we respect your feelings. Your timely inputs will help us craft a wonderful design that will ultimately be visually enchanting.

We have got the necessary experience in executing the interior designing of your home with finesse. Transforming your dreams into reality is our core objective that is going to happen for sure, as we have got a reliable, skilled and experienced team of interior designers who are ready to serve you in the most gratifying manner possible.

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